Hyperemisis gravadarium

My first forever pregnancy with Smoochie I got HG. Well, in fairness, my first taste of HG came with my first ever pregnancy, boy/girl twins. It was only a few weeks, but it was nothing short of hell. Seriously. When I lost them, it took another four weeks for the nausea to subside. So when … Continue reading

7 weeks

The newest bean, whom we call Brother, is doing well. We had a scan at the clinic on Friday – measuring perfectly, normal heart beat, etc. Go brother go! I’m the worst with predicting the gender of my littles so take it with a grain of salt but I think he’s a boy. Two reasons: … Continue reading

14dpo/9dp5dt/4weeks – beta 182

Smoochie had a fever and is sleeping late, so I gotta go rouse him with the good news. Beta is 182! His beta on this same day was 153. We’re thrilled. Smooch will hopefully have a sibling in mid June! Whew just wrapping my head around all the hurdles from here to there. The next … Continue reading

9dp5dt or 13DPO

I’m getting hit hard by morning sickness. Started diclectin with clinics ok. Diarrhea too, but totally manageable. Progression on HPTs looks great and tomorrow is beta. I think it’ll be a value of 20-40. I’m a little confused. How can I even have more morning sickness this early, at what would presumably be anywhere from … Continue reading

7dp5dt – doing good

7dp5dt – doing good

We’re doing good. But, I did have a moment this am. I woke up, used the bathroom, then a couple of minutes later, thought to test. I hadn’t been planning on doing anymore tests from now to beta but old habits die hard. FRERs have always reliably pinpointed problems long before betas for me with … Continue reading

5dp5dt – Bfp squinter

Hi all – it’s official: I’m pregnant. I had originally planned to build in a bunch of caveats and acknowledge that I’m “only” pregnant as of “right now”, etc. Because, you know, I wouldn’t dare to get my hopes up! But you know what, I don’t want to do that, it’s not how I feel … Continue reading

I just had too

I just had too

I reinstalled the WP app on my phone and little Smoochie is currently in the living room watching paw patrol (first time) on his potty while I have diarrhea. I figure diarrhea is TV worthy 🤣🤔 I’ve been nauseous all day. After our play date, the hard boiled egg I scarfed down came back up. … Continue reading

4dp5dt- 2018 style

Hi folks. Well colour me shocked, delighted, humbled and grateful that some of you saw my earlier posts this week! I thought I’d be posting into the void and I was just so stoked see some old friends on here. Yeay!! I figured I’d do a quick update. Smoochie is asleep and I have insomnia … Continue reading

Oh why not? Two posts, 1 day

K. Here we go. Little dude is sleeping and tomorrow is embryo transfer. It’s a 5 day old embryo, we’re doing assisted hatching. Unlike times in the past where I had a rolodex of info about lining, hormone levels and other bodily fluids, I really don’t know what’s going on aside from just going with … Continue reading

Oh Hai

Alrighty so a lot has happened since the last time I wrote. Impossible to try and recap. Buuuuut it’s all been good. Really, really effin’ good. I mean, no, I haven’t started farting gum drops and dolla bills (would that I could) but life has calmed the eff down while also speeding the eff up … Continue reading