Manly Matters

Sperm Banking

Last week, DH tried to give a sperm sample for freezing. I say ‘tried’ because he wasn’t able to extract very much baby batter. He gets performance anxiety at the Dr’s office. We’re banking it as a back-up for this next round of IVF, so it’s on hand (pardon the pun) in case he’s not able produce a good sample the morning of.

After his lacklustre delivery last week, the clinic was kind enough to waive the fee and let us try again. So tomorrow, they’ll give him a cup and he can take it home. He’s thrilled because giving samples at the clinic makes him feel like a creepy old pervert. Having said that, when we do the samples at home, I’m the one who has to do all the work (aiming is half the battle folks) and I kind of liked leaving that one itty bitty task to him.

But alas, a woman’s work is never done.

Vasectomy Reversal

One of the main reasons we’re doing IVF is because he had a vasectomy about 15 years ago, which we had reversed last year. Someone recently asked me what his numbers were since reversal, with updated samples, but I can’t remember who or where, so I’ll list his info here, for all to see, including his vitamins.

Original Vasectomy: 1996, 15 years

Vasectomy Reversal: October 2011

1 month following VR (November 2011): count under 1 million, 2% motility and a high morphology rate

6 months following VR (March 2011): count 5 million, 3% motility, same morphology

1 year following VR (October 2012): count 15 million, 8% motility, unknown morphology rate but anticipated improvement

His results

When it comes to IVF, I generally feel as though DH and I have won the lottery.

The bad luck lottery.

If there’s a worst case scenario, generally we’ll be the two schmos to experience it.

So I really wasn’t expecting his sperm count to increase a year after vasectomy reversal.

Generally, when a man has had a vasectomy as long as he did, the results a year later are lower than right after surgery. In fact, we banked in case the count had gotten worse.

Under 20 mil is still considered “sub-fertile” but he could technically get me pregnant at his current levels. Technically, I could also receive a secret invitation to a fight club on my way to getting coffee tomorrow. So since technically doesn’t cut it 3.5 years into this journey, we’re still going with IVF. But…. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t fantasized about him knocking me up without IVF over the holidays.

His regimen

  • Daily multi vit
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Maca root powder
  • Omega 3’s
  • Tea, no coffee
  • Running
  • No hot tubs, saunas or long hot baths

6 thoughts on “Manly Matters

  1. I too am fully expecting a miraculous Christmas pregnancy… I mean, that’s what is supposed to happen when you sign up for IVF, right? Fate playing one of her ol’ tricks again (crazy Fate)! Anyway, yeah — my hubby also loathes the “production rooms”, as they’re called in our clinic, so he always does it at home and then I have to tuck the cup under my arm or in my cleavage to keep it warm while I frantically drive to the clinic 20 minutes away. The things we do.

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