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11dp3dt or 14 dpo – BFN

Unofficially, official BFN after BFN. No more ambiguously smudgey lined tests. Only negative. Beta is tomorrow at 8:10 am, I should get the official negative results after 2 pm. Trust me, I have trolled the Internet all day searching: HPT Negative, Positive Beta? Negative HPT 14dpo, positive beta? And on and on. Has it ever … Continue reading

9dp3dt or 12dpo

Today started off great and then… I woke up to a bright morning and I decided to take myself off modified bed rest (starting work again tomorrow, may as well) with a dog walk through the woods. Let the crying begin Later in the afternoon, an old friend stopped by. I’d been avoiding seeing her … Continue reading

8dp3dt or 11 dpo

Negative FMU Nards. Tested again and still getting that tiny, smudgey and maddeningly faint line. Except sometimes it appears and other times it doesn’t. This morning it did. So I’m glad. But tomorrow… who knows? Faint line I shake my fist at thee! My personal philosophy on the matter is this: if I have to … Continue reading

7dp3dt or 10dpo

IVF Math- Explained The truth’s out, I definitely suck at math. You count starting from the day after transfer. Or as my brainy DH said, “That’s why they call 1 day POST 3 day transfer, post, as in after the day of transfer.” Well la-de-da! V-day (1 day post the actual holiday) DH isn’t just … Continue reading

6dp3dt or 8dpo

6dp3dt or 8dpo

IVF Math Almost as confusing as regular math. No check that. More. Retrieval was Feb 5, implantation was Feb 08. So do I count Feb 8 as day 1 or day 0? I’m going with 1. At least if I’m going to be wrong, I’ll be consistently wrong. (So I may be 5dp3dt? God this … Continue reading

4dp3dt aka: hatch and attach!

Yesterday, after I posted, I got a bout of nausea. Weird but not indicative in and of itself. And then I could smell the ammonia and feces stench of dirty litter boxes and it was bugging me. We really stay on top of them, so DH was offended when I said the house smelled disgusting, … Continue reading

Fertilized, 3dp3dt

Fertilized, 3dp3dt

Wow, so much to catch up on… better do it by date! Feb 3– Trigger shot. Feb 4– Last time I had a bowel movement. A moment of silence please while I honour the memory. Feb 5– Retrieval. Oww. This was painful. My left ovary was riding high and sort of buried by my colon. … Continue reading

Acupuncture for IVF

Acupuncture for IVF

In short: I’m a fan. I had my first treatment on Tuesday with Victoria. Can I just say that I want to marry her? She is so great and we’re so simpatico. I feel totally at ease in her presence and not to sound all woo woo but I feel like I was meant to … Continue reading