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It’s Monday morning, Memorial Day in the U.S. and I’m home. Just finished up my blood work. I’d planned to be back at the office today, but I feel so down I can barely keep my eyes open. I have three responses to stress: eating, diarrhea or falling asleep, sometimes the diarrhea and falling asleep … Continue reading

Hcg stalled again, not a viable pregnancy

We were at 115 two days ago, today was 160. Even with all my optimism, I can see that our little bean is running out of steam. That’s not even close to doubling. My clinic has asked me to stop taking meds and do another beta on Monday. I already had an appointment for bloodwork … Continue reading

FET 2, 16dpt, beta results 115

Doubling up on posts today. Sorry :-). My hcg level was 115. When I got the call, I got the hcg amount delivered to me in a very serious tone. So initially, I panicked. My clinic said, “115 is not what we’d like to see. It’s too low, you’re still very much at risk of … Continue reading

FET 2, 16dpt, 4th beta today

Just a quick update while I wait for beta results. They should call around 2pm pacific time. But first a thank you. To all of you who read, comment, like and support: thank you. Your encouragement and kindness mean the world to me. I don’t know what today will bring but I know many of … Continue reading

Fet 2, 15dpt

Fet 2, 15dpt

Still hanging on. Waiting. Hydrating. 4th beta is tomorrow. After a long period of avoiding them, I picked up an hpt and got a clear positive. If it’s ectopic, I’d still get a positive since my hCG was 59, but I just needed to see it. I only ever got faints last week and with … Continue reading

FET 2, 14dpt, What is going on?

I got the results for my 3rd beta today, hCG was 59. What the hell is going on? My RE doesn’t seem to know, either. On the one hand my RE encouraged me to continue taking my meds Saturday, but today, after a doubling, the nurses said they don’t think it’s a viable pregnancy, they think … Continue reading

FET 2, 10dp5dt

FET 2, 10dp5dt

Nervous energy I’m really trying not to be a Calamity Jane and just go with this as much as possible. It’s not in my nature not to freak out or read into things. In fact, if we’re going to be honest here, those two traits are something I struggle with. And the things I usually … Continue reading

FET 2, 9dp5dt

FET 2, 9dp5dt

I went from feeling warm and safe, enjoying the start of this new pregnancy to terrified for the last 48 hours. It all started on Wednesday because I needed to see that digital Clear Blue Easy test (part of the Double Check test pack) say “PREGNANT”. Seeing that digital “PREGNANT” makes it a little more … Continue reading