Posted in August 2013

Mini post, mini adventure

Just about to head out for a couple of days of kayaking off the coast and camping on uninhabitable islands, then boating home. It’s the kind of thing I used to do more of, little adventures outdoors to keep life interesting. But I’d been letting work/IVF get in the way. It’s part of the pattern … Continue reading

My pattern

Note: boring entry. More for myself than public consumption. Sorry! I’ve discovered my pattern. It goes like this: Start new IVF cycle filled with hope and excitement. Tell myself not to fantasize that this is the one (and then fantasize non-stop that this is the one) Get bored with all the jabbing and stabbing Towards … Continue reading

Is anyone NOT pregnant

I literally just returned from a walk with a good friend who has been there for me through my miscarriage and the ectopic pregnancy and she told me she’s eight weeks along. Here’s the crazy thing, I’ve known for two weeks (hehehe) and despite that I still feel all discombobulated. I knew because our other … Continue reading

A little boost, self-talk

┬áIt shouldn’t be this way, but I find if I buy new workout clothes during a workout slump, I start working out more to justify the $ spent. So last week I bought about $30 worth of some cute clothes. I’d been seeing the jazzy leggings everywhere and I was worried they’d make my hamhock … Continue reading

Do you ever…

Do you ever…

…. Find yourself doing something totally random and completely unrelated to infertility/IVF and think: hmm that twinge was weird, I wonder if I’m pregnant and just don’t know it yet!!! Then your brain goes on a trip for about 20 seconds where you flash forward through a safe pregnancy? I do it all the time. … Continue reading