Posted in September 2013

in which I whine

Lots swirling around in my noggin. All of it random. I feel extremely guilty about my last post. I wish I wasn’t so “mean” about my sister and her problems in life. I was re-reading what I wrote and I felt like this: UGGGGGGHHHHH.┬áHer drug abuse and all that it entails would put anyone over … Continue reading

Be careful what I wish for

Yesterday I blogged about my sister’s situation/drama and said I was going to bring up (again) the possibility of her letting her kids move up here for a year under my custodianship. I would pay for everything. It would be one year, but it could be more, but only if she wanted. Well guess what? … Continue reading

drama, drama

Health update Still feel like crap. My period started last night and so in true ‘me’ fashion it couldn’t just be a regular period. It had to be monster period! On top of whatever is up with my stomach. Awesome. I had to call in again because I’m weak and shaky and tired, not to … Continue reading

Check in

My beta was on Monday and as expected, I wasn’t pregnant. Unfortunately that wasn’t confirmed by my clinic until yesterday at five pm. I called once each day to get the final word and frankly by yesterday afternoon, I was seriously annoyed. We pay so much $ for this service, waiting 48 hours to close … Continue reading

FET 3 9dp5dt

Still not pregnant. No surprise there. I tested this am and last night, too. Sometimes I stare so hard at those tests, waiting for a double line, my eyes cross. Yesterday was an angry day. Today I am all about acceptance. I don’t particularly want to accept where I’m at, but I’ve decided that I … Continue reading

FET 3 7dp5dt

Argh. another negative this am. But I finally had a bowel movement. So all that heavy pressure in my belly is gone. Which is leading me to think I may not have been pregnant…. just constipated. Argh. Argh. On the other hand, when I got home from work last night I was exhausted. I stuffed … Continue reading

FET 3 6dp5dt

Tested again this am with two different tests, both negative. So yesterday’s very faint positive was either an evap line or a concentrated batch of urine, with the beginnings of hcg. The good thing is, I’ll find out definitively soon enough! I’m a little tense about it. I tossed and turned in my sleep, but … Continue reading


I did a dollar store test when I got home from work. DH and I both saw a smudge or very faint positive. We looked it again 3 hours later and it was even more pronounced. I know they say not to use old tests, but I have kept old tests from my 1st pregnancy … Continue reading

FET 3 5dp5dt

Last night was great. On the way home from a birthday dinner, DH said, “I have a hunch we’re pregnant this time and it will be okay. This is the time that wasn’t planned, there’s tons of bad news all around us and maybe…..” We talked a bit more and for the first time I … Continue reading