Posted in October 2013

Getting back to normal

We haven’t had a cycle of any kind since September. But it was close enough that I can still remember the frenzy and obsessiveness of that cycle, of all the cycles, really. I start off feeling normal and strong and then I go down a rabbit hole of hope (and crazy). It’s been roughly a … Continue reading

Thundershirt for dogs | review

First, let me admit this is a flu addled post. NyQuil may or may not have been involved…. (ahem, definitely involved) Anyone who’s come to this blog from time to has probably experienced a side note where I grip about our newest addition to the household: Guillaume the rescue dog. He has dozens of nicknames … Continue reading

Flu bait

It started on Friday at work. Thankfully I managed to get a run in before it stopped me in my tracks. By 5 pm it was full blast. Stupid flu with impeccable timing. Way to ruin my weekend. Hot, right?

Dogs are awesome (all animals are)

Dogs are awesome (all animals are)

About an hour ago, I read about another blogger’s loss. She had an adorable puppy who passed without warning. My heart goes out her. Being infertile (and more to the point: being affectionate and compassion human beings) often means relying on our four legged friends for comfort. Thank god for them. They are pure love. … Continue reading

Not a sprint(er)

It’s only 6:22 pm so I probably shouldn’t declare the day done, but I’m gonna do it anyway. Today was a good day. Nothing extraordinary happend but I didn’t feel like crying or feel defensive or sick/tired. Maybe the lexapro is finally leaving my system? I ran for 5.86 KM. After the 4th KM my … Continue reading


Coming off lexapro has been so much fun. One second I’m ragey. The next teary eyed. Things that normally upset me a smidgen upset me A LOT right now. And combing through what I have left of my parents is emotional at the best of times. It’s even more awesome as my system adjusts to … Continue reading

Where I’m at

Sooooo. It’s been a while. Wish I could tell you I’ve been busy getting pregnant but alas that’s far from the case :-). Coming off Lexapro (Ran Citalapram) Not fun. Not fun at all. I started the meds after our twin miscarriage last October. It’s now a year later and I am finally off Lexapro, … Continue reading

Should I get an XL winter coat?

Okay, here’s the deal: I am 20 lbs heavier than I was this time last year. Erm, make that 22.5 (down from 30 lbs heavier, which I was in July/August when I was at my heaviest!). A lot of my clothes don’t fit at all. I can squeeze into some “smaller” clothes, but I risk … Continue reading