Posted in November 2013

I’m kind of in a big mood

I’m kind of in a big mood

When we were little, my sister was known for being temperamental and throwing tantrums. When she got old enough, she’d fold her arms over her chest and narrow her eyes before an epic tantrum and say: I’m kind of in a big mood. Consider yourself warned. I’m kind of in a big mood here. Yesterday, … Continue reading

The 2 WW never gets any easier

The 2 WW never gets any easier

I had hoped the 2 WW would breeze by this time around, but I’ve already started symptom spotting. I felt knackered last night, so I googled ‘extreme fatigue 2dpo pregnancy symptom?’. Of course I found a tonne of forum posts to keep me occupied on the topic. Today I woke up with a rash on … Continue reading


Oh man, these last few days have been cray cray. We took off for Portland Friday am. I love peeing on sticks so I did my OPK about 72 hours prior to when any sane human being would recommend it. Good thing I did. My LH surge started on Friday morning. Boo! I figured we … Continue reading

I’m mad at IVF

This is a rambling inner monologue for me, feel free to skip this post 🙂 I started off my last post intending to talk about deciding on a sperm donor.  Every time I tried, I veered off into a rant about IVF. And how much I hate it. But I really wanted to document that … Continue reading

Donor decision

It’s hard to believe this has all happened so fast. One minute I was searching the web for info about using the instead cup with DH as a last ditch resort (his sperm count is around 1 mil so why I still think we can conceive naturally is one of life’s great mysteries…..) and the … Continue reading

I did it!!!!

YEAYAYEAY!!!! I did it! I did it. I FINALLY DID IT!!!!! I woke up early this morning, took my BBT temp and then I rolled out of my warm, cozy covers and got my ass in gear for a 45 minute weight/abs workout. I haven’t done weights consistently since, I dunno… the spring? Combined with … Continue reading

Hallway gallery

Hallway gallery

Back in my last FET cycle, September, I posted a lot about how I’ve been crafting more. I even had a grand plan, I was going to make a bunch of frames and hang them in my hallway. Well, it took two months. And many trips to Michael’s, coupons clutched in hand. But I finally … Continue reading

Crunch time for donor selection

The donor process is going swimmingly. In fact it is sooo fecking good that we have two donors we really like and I don’t want to have to pick. Of course I don’t want to be a donor slut, either. (Nurse: who’s the baby’s father? Me: It’s either one of two guys in another city. … Continue reading


As my great grandpa Coppa used to say: Jayzus. (He also said: Fecking bugger, Feck your mother, Feck that little shite and…  ‘ere do you wanna sip of me drink fer yer achin’ teeth? in his thick Irish brogue. All my aunts loved Coppa because he soothed teething babies with Cutty Sark on his finger, … Continue reading