Posted in December 2013

Uterine Septum Removal Surgery Update

Remember how I was all relaxed and rolling with the surgery because it was all going well? Well forget all of that. It’s now a week out and I feel worse than I did a few days post surgery. I had stopped codeine about 48 hours after and switched to ibuprofen and even though I … Continue reading

Diningroom wall makeover

Diningroom wall makeover

Apparently codeine makes me blog-posty. So here I am again, posting 2x in one day. Consider it a bonus :-). This is my dining room wall, pre-makeover. It’s okay, but I had been meaning do something with a little pizzazz since we moved in. Five years ago. Originally, I wanted to do a long mirror … Continue reading

Gearing up for surgery

I’ve been feeling run down again and then wham, last night, a cold or flu started coming on. It must be a cold actually, if it were a flu I think I would feel much worse 😉 I didn’t run yesterday and even though I have this cold, I ‘d like to run at lunch … Continue reading

Cause that’s not confusing

It’s now15po. Negative. But last night, we had a fun surprise: two positive tests. They were from the same lot #, purchased at the same time. Of course it set off a test-athon. I was a wreck as I’d had 4 glasses of wine at a Xmas party earlier. DH was a wreck because it … Continue reading

13 dpo – donor cycle #1

Negative. I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty down this morning. I had been hoping to bypass all the months ahead: surgery, recovery, more ttc to fastback it to baby town. Alas, that’s not the case. Fact is, I’ve been here a couple of time before. In the low, low place after a failed cycle. And … Continue reading

Crunch time | 12 dpo – donor cycle #1

BFN this morning. It wasn’t a surprise on many levels. I had a small pity party for myself last night. Right before bed. (Why do I do that? It ruins sleep). I was lying on DH’s shoulder when suddenly I lost it. I felt so angry and raw. I just spewed out all the random … Continue reading

11dpo – donor cycle 1

If I’m not pregnant, then I really need to look at my vitamin regimen. I just woke up from a 2 hour nap. I was exhausted after doing not much of anything. Still am. But I got up because I have to finish some life stuff. Otherwise, I’d still be in bed. This am, I … Continue reading

10dpo – donor cycle #1

10dpo – donor cycle #1

Tested this am, A very definite negative. Woke up to full, heavy breasts but they weren’t as a heavy as they’d been. They hurt a little less, but maybe that’s only in comparison only to my throbbing nipples. I also have pain underneath my breasts, in my armpit. I thought today would be a slow … Continue reading