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7 dpo | known donor cycle 3

I hate this. Yesterday I got up at 5:00 am and showered and drank coffee and an hour later I was in my gf’s car, headed to the ferry to go to Ikea. Since I live on an island, everything involves a big, giant planning session and a large outlay of cash. You don’t go … Continue reading

Quick review for my lazy ladies

This facial cleanser for lazy gals is amaze-balls. I don’t know about all of you but after a long day of living, the last thing I want to do is take out my gritty contact lenses, then wipe off my waterproof eye make up with a pad soaked in remover (i.e. tear out my eye … Continue reading

4dpo | known donor cycle 3

I got nothing. The last 48 hours have been stressful due to a work issue. Aside from getting a couple of hours sleep last night (between work time), I haven’t had a break until now. Bah. This storm will pass, but man, my brain is FRIED. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs of other … Continue reading

3dpo known donor cycle 3 | banishing ego

3dpo known donor cycle 3 | banishing ego

Cycle update: Nada. There isn’t one. Just temp’in. Zero expectations for this cycle, so it’s just a matter of tracking data and logging info. “Luckily” I figured out that this cycle had little to no chance of resulting in a pregnancy over the weekend. So, I’ve gotten all the teeth gnashing and sad sack out … Continue reading

Back on track

Back on track

Ever since I was a kid I have coped by organizing things. Parents having a melt down? Time to organize Barbie’s and Ken’s wardrobes.  (And maybe take Dallas out for a little spin.) Getting bullied in the seventh grade? Perfect time to highlight my favourite sections of my Audobon Society Field Guide to the Night … Continue reading

Day of rage over, now it’s back to normal

Same as yesterday, this cycle is a bust. I’m still surging but I’m on the down swing. I have a shipment coming tomorrow, 8 am, but it’s just a last ditch effort. For real, I probably won’t even bother testing on April 6/7. I’ll just wait for Aunt Flo to do her thing. So… True … Continue reading

Coming up on our third donor cycle

My fertile window begins tomorrow, so I’ll start opks, to pinpoint timing for our third cycle using donor sperm. As of right now it looks like we’ll need a shipment on Sunday and Tuesday or Monday and Wednesday. Possible dates for O are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Even though I’m always counting down the moments, … Continue reading

I can breathe around baby stuff again

I can breathe around baby stuff again

We’ll there is one upside to having a shorter cycle: less waiting between attempts! My next anticipated date for ovulation is sometime late next week, March 25-27, though that could shift. Our donor is going to be away for the April cycle, so I’m trying to make sure I nail the timing. But other than … Continue reading