Posted in April 2014

A big mood

When I was growing up my sister was quite, how shall we say… mercurial? (Read: baby bi-polar). Whenever she’d be gearing up to throw a tantrum the other kids in the family would look knowingly at one another and say, “E is in a big mood.” Well now I’m in a big mood. AF is due any … Continue reading

Even after everything…

Even after everything, I still spend that day or two before my period fending off that voice that says I might be pregnant. I had a sharp stabbing pain in my uterus around lunch. Had to quickly blurt out to myself: don’t even! Just now I am ravenous. I made a small light dinner and … Continue reading

My dog is a) brilliant or b) disgusting

My dog is a) brilliant or b) disgusting

Me: So glad to be home. Happy to let the dogs out of the bathroom. Of course if Guillaume didn’t pee, or pee through his diaper, we wouldn’t have to put them in there, but hey, them’s the breaks. Me: Something smells weird. What’s that? Pull open the shower curtain. Feces. In a tub. What … Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions

Next Thursday we’re seeing our RE. Actually, since we’re not active IVF patients and I think my clinic is in some kind of passive agressive mode, we have a phone appt: the ghetto of fertility appointments. The appt got on the books because I am still having pain in my uterus, even though the surgery … Continue reading

Leslie Knope – eff off

I remember when I first started down this road and I’d read other people saying things like: I hate seeing pregnancy announcements on Facebook, getting baby shower invitations or hearing about fertiles and their baby joy. And I’d tilt my head and think: why? Why would you hate hearing about good news? Back then, I … Continue reading

Mother of the year

I’m way behind on blogging, so I have a brain filled with posts I’d like to write. (For example: ét tu Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec? And not only pregnant, but with triplets?) But, I’ll start with the one I need to deal with first. Those that have been following this blog for a … Continue reading

14dpo | 3rd known donor cycle | wtf

You have no idea how how much I was hoping to be able to come on here and say, finally: BFP. But alas, my morning is resembling another acronym: wtf. I don’t know what’s happening. Well I do – I’m not pregnant – but why is it happening like this? This is making me crazy. … Continue reading