Posted in July 2014

UUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH aka: Update on IVF cycle 3

UUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH aka: Update on IVF cycle 3

First let me sigh. A deep down, tired to the bones sigh: SIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Okay. Better. So how’s it going, you ask? Well, basically I am on a hamster wheel and I can’t get off until Saturday. Scratch that. I won’t be able to get off until Thursday. I’m still stimming and I continue stimming tomorrow … Continue reading

Ahhhh relief. (For now.)

Okay, let me start by saying thank you to everyone for reading and understanding and just generally putting up with me. Thank you.  I know you’re most interested in the results so here it is: my estrogen went down a little (still higher than normal but okay to proceed) but my FSH is okay. Based … Continue reading

A lot can happen in 2 hours.

Funny thing is, I started writing a post about two hours ago, but then got busy. In that post, I was lamenting my confusing new menstrual cycle; all it’s quirks and it’s irascible inability to be consistent. What started my period polemic was a bout of heavy cramping. Prior to uterine surgery, I didn’t have cramps … Continue reading

Self Care & A Question for you?

I’m in an odd but not bad place right now 🙂 In some areas I’m totally slipping on my self care. Like last week, all of my meals came almost exclusively from Starbucks and I had 2-3 drinks almost every night (patio time). Yet on the other hand, I’ve been commuting by bike to work and … Continue reading

$%@##@% People Say

I had to share. Don’t know if you’ve ever read this blogger, she’s new to me, but she thrills my ultra liberal, lefty heart. She somehow manages to talk about stuff I avoid because I am worried I will come off as preachy… and yet doesn’t sound preachy. She’s also a mother two adopted children, … Continue reading

Best evap line…. Ever

Best evap line…. Ever

I’m calling this guy little fucker. Or hope stealer. Of course, it’s probably my just desserts since I technically have no hope of getting pregnant this cycle and I’m either 8dpo or 15dpo, depending on when YOU think I ovulated. (Cuz I sure don’t know. The me of three years ago would have gagged on … Continue reading

2ww – and doing ok!

Author’s Note: Shit, the moment I typed that title I thought: backspace, backspace! You’re tempting fate by saying you’re doing okay! Then I thought: no, if you delete it, you’ll only be giving the Gods of fate power. So I’m really torn on that title. In other news – trying is for suckas  The reason … Continue reading