Posted in August 2014

Visit with our sperm donor

First off – oh my God – thank you for reading my last post. This blog is a mixed bag for me – a public way to communicate but also like…. a box…. a brain box….where all the stuff swirling around in my heads leaks out through my finger tips and onto the page so … Continue reading

Awkward much?

I’ve been meaning to blog for a couple of days. I know my last post seemed like I’d been hijacked by Debbie Downer and as much as I am feeling a bit more even keeled, I think in an odd way, the pessimism I felt, and still feel about the future, is a good thing. … Continue reading

And now back to life

Today is the last day of my vacation. I’m forcing myself to get outside in the sunshine, be social, make memories. Usually, I like to feel like I’m leaving Summer and heading into fall on firmer emotional footing – rested and restored by all the long, sunny days – enough to get me through to … Continue reading

Thank you and making choices

Thank you and making choices

A big thanks to everyone who read and commented about Skittles and to Barren Librarian for sending some well wishes my way. It really did help. And I’m really glad to be a part of such a strong support network and hope to be there for all of you during your hard times…. and your good times :-). Continue reading

Saying goodbye, Skittles passed

Saying goodbye, Skittles passed

When I last updated, we were on our way to Vancouver to see if we could or should give Skittles chemo to keep her alive. Right away things became more complicated because she pulled out her catheter with her foot in the parking lot of the clinic. Since the tumour was blocking her urethra, it … Continue reading

Losing my best friend

Losing my best friend

Yesterday we found out Skittles has cancer of the bladder. There is no cure and it’s extremely aggressive. It was discovered because we’ve been working with our vet and the local animal hospital to treat her uti. Everyone thought it was antibiotic resistant and DH and I did not want to go to Portland until … Continue reading

My cup runneth over

You know what? Hormones suck. I don’t know if it’s the hcg or somehow, all the bats hit crazy drugs I took for this last IVF cycle have pooled into my boobs, swelling them up 2 cup sizes. It’s muggy and humid but can I put on a tank top? no. if I did the … Continue reading

My sister’s children

Well, after an exciting few days of trying to prepare for potentially taking two children into our home, my sister pulled the plug. Yesterday morning. She was supposed to be meeting her ex at the South Street passport office in Manhattan but she says they got into an argument at the door because he got paranoid about … Continue reading