Posted in September 2014

6 Weeks

This will be my last public post about this pregnancy for a while. We’re still in limbo and I’m feeling the need to be really protective of myself and the pregnancy, so I’ll be updating any pregnancy musings in stealth mode :-). I don’t know what will happen or when it will happen, and this is … Continue reading

18dpo or 5 weeks – this sucks

And so begins the wait to find out exactly how this pregnancy will end. And when. Yesterday sucked. So does today. Last night I went between feeling numb and then looking around the room and thinking, “wait, is this actually happening or am I just worried it will happen… oh no, it’s happening.” I really … Continue reading

Beta #4 175 – not doubling

Okay so I’m pretty emotional right now. I may not respond very quickly if you comment. My last beta was 106. A healthy doubling would have been 212 or higher. It was 175. A doubling rate of 66 hours. My clinic is advising me that I will most likely miscarry. They’re adament about 48 hour … Continue reading

17dpo or 4 weeks 6 days, waiting for hcg 4

17dpo or 4 weeks 6 days, waiting for hcg 4

I have a pit in my stomach. I’m still spotting (dark brown mostly, occasionally pink) and yesterday I had very painful cramps. Very painful. My test this am is fairly light as compared to yesterday’s and I have a terrible low backache (normally not an issue for me) and I feel floaty, light headed, dizzy … Continue reading

15dpo or 4 weeks 1 day Beta # 3 = 106!!!!

Beta # 3 = 106 106!!!!!!! Wow. I am thrilled. That is a beautiful number. I’m so happy. That means the little fella is doing okay! And it could mean there’s more than one little fella. All I needed for a safe, healthy doubling was 75-77. Secretly, hoping for 80! So 106 exceeds my wildest … Continue reading

14dpo or 11dp3dt Sept 2014

Right Now – Physically I’m doing…. okay. I started spotting again last night, dark brown blood. It was very light though, nothing like last time. It came on after making a 2 small forays out in the real world, away from my bed. Because of that DH has asked me to lay down all day. … Continue reading

Beta/hcg #2 12dpo or 9dp3dt = 31

Oh man. The lab didn’t post the result until 8:30! I was in agony. It’s 31. Amazing. Safe and healthy. Thank God. That’s a rate of 62, a little better than double. To say DH and I are relieved is the understatement of the century. I sobbed in relief. Crazy. Today is only 12dpo and … Continue reading

12dpo or 9dp3dt sept 2014

Short version: I am scared and confused. My pregnancy test this am looked… good. Not any darker than yesterday’s but just as dark. But the bleeding picked up last night. At around 8: 00 pm I had a woosh of blood and then bled all night. TMI pix below. On 10 dpo my spotting was … Continue reading