Posted in November 2014

I feel like an old shoe

I don’t know about you gals, but lately, I feel really old and haggard. This isn’t one of those posts wherein I whine and ask anyone to buoy me up with compliments (but by all means, feel free). But I really am asking: does anyone else feel like their sparkle is gone, like they look … Continue reading

Assorted goods and sundries

Up at 6:30 am. Since I don’t drink anymore, I wake up at the same time on Saturday mornings – for better or for worse 😉 I woke up excited today because there was supposed to be a snowmaggeden this morning. A snowpocalpyse. A total whiteout. Environment Canada had even issued a statement. A statement! … Continue reading

“The” “Plan”

The plan is there is no plan :-). Well, a little plan. But mostly I’m accepting that actually, I don’t get to have as much say in getting pregnant as I once thought! Still, allegedly I’m fertile and allegedly (or until my clinic gets around to declaratively diagnosing me as having diminished ovarian reserve) my … Continue reading

Try again

This week, more so than weeks past, felt like ‘back to regular life.” The honeymoon effect of joining AA had worn off (like a new diet at the 3 week mark and you’ve only lost 5 lbs), my nightly meditation started to get ‘hard’ and I was rushing through each day trying to get it … Continue reading

On the hunt for a counsellor

*ARGH formatting issues! Sorry for the enormous clump of text!!! About a week after this last miscarriage, I got myself to a counsellour. I was a mess. My anxiety was like a wild creature – it bucked and roared and I cowered and hid. I didn’t know if I was coming or going. So when … Continue reading

Return of the prodigal blogger!

Hi gang. Hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been meaning to post for a while but things just keep getting in the way and I wasn’t sure where to begin. First and foremost – things are good. I’m okay. In a crazy way, this last miscarriage was one of the best things to happen to … Continue reading