Posted in December 2014

Prepping for our last FET

Me, I’m ok. Mostly I’m using this slow time of the year to slow down and take care of myself. Every day I’ve taken 2+ hour walks and then done an hour or more of yoga – nothing crazy, but I find it slows down my brain and takes the racing thoughts away. It’s a … Continue reading

Donor Cycle 10 | 7 dpo

I really should blog more often so my posts don’t get so long. I included my vids for ref at the bottom. Fertility Shmility Today’s 7 dpo but I’m in a place right now where it doesn’t matter. After ten unsuccessful donor cycles, well, nine – am just guessing this won’t work, either, I haven’t … Continue reading

Neither good nor bad, it just is

Before you read any further, I should say I have a migraine and I have been popping the migraine pills for almost 2 days straight to no avail. So this will be brief, and maybe a bit loopy 😉 In my last post, I shared that I had managed to inadvertently get myself on the … Continue reading

Good news

I was distracted all day yesterday because I had a counselling session with the psychologist affiliated with my fertility clinic. I went to her in 2012, after the twin pregnancy loss. She was quite good and I was glad to see her again because I had so many emotional things I needed to discuss that … Continue reading