Posted in January 2015

Of course

Of course

It was the night before our last embryo transfer, and all through the house, everyone was anxious, even the dog who looked like a French mouse. After a nervous sleep, we got up at 8 am. Both of us felt old and battered. DH’s back was sore and my neck was tight. We bumbled around, … Continue reading

DH about face

I think we can all agree that there are essentially two types of TTCers in this world. Those who test. And those who don’t. Generally people who test, (like me), also test early. And… often. We have a reputation for digging tests out of the garbage (guilty), testing 2-3x a day (guilty), taking tests apart (not … Continue reading

Coffee where art thou?

I had big plans to reduce my coffee intake so I put my tassimo on my back porch to make it harder to make a cup of coffee. But that lasted about 24 hours. I’m pleased to announce that Tassimo has returned to his spot in the kitchen 😉


Self-care I’ve had a good week, and for that, I’m grateful. I think, or hope, it’s because I put a lot of work and energy into staying grounded, going to AA meetings and using some of my new tools. Though, having said that, I skipped a lunch and worked like a mad woman every day and … Continue reading

Almost done

Life is so strange sometimes. Today, while I was arranging my calendar and sorting through all my commitments I realized FACK, transfer day is January 14. That’s next week! Even though I’ve been rearranging my life and planning and plotting and scheming to make this FET happen, it still feels as though it crept up … Continue reading