Posted in March 2015

1dp5dt, donor embryo cycle – DONE

1dp5dt, donor embryo cycle one – donezo  Technically, it’s only 8:00 pm. I’m still calling it a night because I don’t think I’m gonna see a lot of action until now and bed time. Unless the episode of Better Call Saul I’m planning to watch really blows my socks off…. (Also, side note, am I … Continue reading

1 more day until embryo transfer

It never fails! When I first started down this road, I was pretty fit and ate a healthy diet. In fact, I can remember that for my first FET bed rest period, I bought white fish fillets and made a fruit salsa to have with the fish for my lunches. For dinners I made a big … Continue reading

67 hours until our donated embryo transfer

I have been stewing over this post for the last ten minutes. I’m dying to say something, but I don’t know what…. I guess I just want a forum and someone, anyone to listen to me say: I’m a little scared. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also excited. Really, really excited. The part of me … Continue reading

The wall

I shared on here a little while ago about my friend R. At that time, she’d been having her fourth miscarriage. She got pregnant again recently and has been living in limbo on her fifth pregnancy. This week, she finally got confirmation that it too, is ending in a definite miscarriage. I am so sad for … Continue reading

Dolce & Gabbana #irrevelant 

I have about three million better things I could be doing than addressing this faux controversy (like finishing the last episode of The Jinx, fascinating!) but since I’ve been MIA and no one reads this blog anyway, here goes…. On the one hand, I could care less. Seriously, call me when J Crew starts hating … Continue reading

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for……

The scary thing is that I’ve been writing this blog for so long now, that I have another post called, ‘Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?’ Sad, right? Almost there The last couple of days I’ve been on edge. It crept up on me and I couldn’t tell what was PMS… and what was anxiety … Continue reading