Posted in May 2015

Waiting for AF and Wave Four

I haven’t been blogging because sometimes, I hate the idea of blogging. When I first started, I was writing alongside a neat group of gals who had all cycled with me (plus, of course, others in various stages of their journeys). That group of contemporaries, let’s call them ‘wave one’, all went on to get … Continue reading

A case of the angries

Much better energy-wise, but I’m starting to get that wound up, bunchy feeling I have before I fully launch myself into a raging case of the “why me’s?????”  Never a good sign, and never a good place to go 😐. In fact, I’m getting a little teary eyed as I type this… Must be the … Continue reading

Very tired

Mostly, I’m writing this post for myself, as a reminder to take it very easy. The bleeding stopped last night, so that’s good. But starting yesterday I’ve been in a fug of extreme exhaustion.  With my other pregnancy losses I either was too depressed to do much anyway or maybe they were just different, but … Continue reading