Posted in June 2015

Of course, at last

Depending on how I feel at any given moment, the time is flying by – or it’s interminably slow – leading up to our second donated embryo transfer. The details This transfer, we’re going big. I’m doing assisted hatching but unlike last time, I’ll be taking steroids prior to implantation to help things along. A … Continue reading

Goodbye Runkie Doodle

Goodbye Runkie Doodle

Being an adult and making adult decisions is sometimes fraught with uncertainty. This weekend was definitely an example of that. For about two years, we’ve been watching our shih tzu X Runkie, go from “old dude” to “elderly patient”. It was very gradual. He was never the kind of dog who liked to walk much, … Continue reading


First, I gotta apologize. I feel like a truck drove up behind me, slammed on the gas and ran me over. Flu? Who knows. My brain is fried. I am sitting at my desk after 10 hours of work and I can’t get home because I rode my bike and I think I’ll fall off … Continue reading