Posted in July 2015

Ultrasound results – good!

Oy vey. This infertility stuff is making me crazy. Thankfully the u/s went well. A first for us. We were in shock. I sobbed so much we had to pause the u/s so we could proceed. It was from pure relief.  I have some calls and texts but I wanted to update all of you … Continue reading

Quick update before ultrasound

Today we’re 6 weeks exactly so that’s an accomplishment. But I’ve been hanging low because I’ve had some troubling signs show up that are making me nervous about today’s ultrasound. On MondayI was tired. On Tuesday I was even more tired and felt like I drank a bottle of Cutty Sark the night before, then … Continue reading

5 weeks (2 days)

Smoochie This week Smoochie resembles a tadpole, complete with a tail! She’s the size of an orange seed (cray!), her circulatory system is beginning to function and a tiny heart is forming; preparing to beat.  Expecting I feel like I have one foot in a dreamy, cozy little world of just me and Smoochie. Finally, … Continue reading

20dpo or Week 4 Day 6!

20dpo or Week 4 Day 6!

First I’m gonna be a total egomaniac and congratulate myself: great job Expecting, you have come a long way baby!   I don’t know how this pregnancy will ultimately end, but as of now, I’m pregnant and there’s no bleeding and my hcg is great. So that’s a 180 change from the norm and reason … Continue reading

Beta # 5, 19do or 4 weeks 5 days -1589!

I’m shocked again. This is great news.  Now I need some input… I returned to work today and it’s been lovely. All the stuff I left got finished, my projects are doing great and I just got some good budgeting news. But. The minute I started, the cramping began. I tried deep breathing, I got … Continue reading

Beta #4, 487

Wow. Not used to things going ‘ok’ so this is like winning the lottery – I know it can happen, I wanted it to happen more than anything, but it seemed like good betas only happen to other people. Now here I am with four good betas.  This one more than doubled, but the rate … Continue reading

16dpo – upcoming milestones

Today’s 16dpo and we’re having a heat wave. It normally doesn’t get this hot, so it reminds me of home. Then again, to really replicate a NY summer here, we’d need a wall of humidity and the smell of hot urine sizzling on concrete… Symptoms Nothing over the top. I have a vague pressure in … Continue reading

Beta hcg #3 = 153 14dpo

Whew…….. great news. I felt a shock of relief because I was certain the good times were gonna stop rolling. Usually something is off by now , so it seemed logical to expect the other shoe to drop. But thankfully, it hasn’t yet. Wow. Amazing. Still, I’m taking it day by day. It’s enough right now … Continue reading

Prolific posting – guilty as charged 13dpo

First – thanks for all the kind notes and encouragement yesterday. It felt good knowing I had so many cheerleaders in my corner 😉 My love to you all! The dogs and I have a very quiet day planned. Every day we’ve had people over for long visits – lots of babies and luxurious  chats … Continue reading