Posted in August 2015

Week 10 + 1 day, still keeping on

I haven’t posted much because my morning sickness (which was diagnosed as hyperesimus gravardium) took a turn from unmanageable to totally non-fucking-functioning.  The important thing is, it’s started subsiding, I think perhaps my placenta is kicking in to take over. But I’ve been warned that it will either continue to level off or it will … Continue reading

9 weeks, ultrasound went great

This am marked a spontaneous vomitathon, so I was retching right until we got to the clinic then doing hiccup burps to keep new barfs at bay.  I took 2 gravol to help me get through it without tossing my cookies mid ultrasound.  There had been an emergency at the clinic, some folks had come … Continue reading

8 weeks, 5 days

Every morning, I’m shocked we have made it another day. Despite another bleed, I feel Smoochie inside me, her presence is really strong. She’s the size of a raspberry. Her lips, nose, eyelids, legs and back are taking shape. She is also a really big fan of hcg 😉. I think she’s a girl for … Continue reading

Week 7 – made it

   Huge accomplishment. Smoochie is a master at getting them hormones all stirred up and blasting hcg through my body. She’s doing exactly what she’s supposed to and that’s grand! Me on the other hand, I am in some sort of pregnancy nether world. I’m still waiting for my zofran so I’m still taking diclectin. … Continue reading

Week 6, day 6 – feeling barfy

I feel like a crazy person because no one should be this excited and this nauseous at the same time…. Making it to almost 7 weeks without chronic bleeding or cramping, no bouncing hcg or the constant threat of a loss, well this is amazing.  My guard is still up, waaay up. But I feel … Continue reading

Week 6, day 4

Big day for me! I’m actually going to attempt to leave my house. It’s going to be epic, folks. Epic, especially considering I still feel like I have level 5 Ebola. (It was level 4 last week, but it has since progressed). I worked really hard to get here, so it’s the strangest thing, but … Continue reading

Week 6, day 2 – HUNGRY

Whew. Still not bleeding anymore. What a gift. I have a couple of little prayer totems by my bedside and you can believe I have been holding them in my hands and saying prayers. My little totems are shells, a pretty feather and the pearl necklace my mother wore as an infant. The shells were … Continue reading


I’ll be replying to everyone’s notes shortly about the bleeding. Thank you. I appreciated them so much. It’s 7:00, a little over 24 hours from my last post. I’ve spent the day in bed and a few hours reclining on the deck for a change of scenery.  I stress slept in the morning and woke … Continue reading