Posted in December 2015

The cat in the cart

The cat in the cart

Eventually, one day, we’ll finish putting Smoochie’s nursery together and then I’ll do a before and after. But for now it’s still in flux. Though we did manage to make the cat happy ­čśť. We got the IKEA cart that seems to be de rigour for nurseries. I have a great diaper change area with … Continue reading

27 weeks, Christmas Eve and babying myself 

I feel really lucky to celebrate the holidays, pregnant. When we were trying for all those years, I always had a little fantasy of being pregnant over Christmas. Of course, the fantasy versus reality is different – my house is messier, my in laws are crazier and I’m less physically comfortable than in my fantasy … Continue reading

26 week (b)u(m)pdate

I decided to do this post in bullets. I can’t believe I’ve reached 26 weeks – I’m getting bigger in the belly – I think I look real deal pregnant. I’ve only had two bad days on bed rest so far. Wednesday I was crampy. And last night we were in labour and delivery again … Continue reading

Test results and assorted sundries

I have good news and I have bad news but mostly, I have good news ;-). When I last wrote, I was pretty freaked out about the cramping and feeling emotionally stretched, which was making the cramping worse. So off I went to our antenatal unit on Friday for some tests and a check. I … Continue reading

Need to get this off my chest

Today’s 25 weeks and I’ll do an actual pregnancy update later. For now, I need use the blog to get sorted. I’m unsettled today. I’m off work for bad cramps, again, I was off Wednesday, too. I saw that Caroline from God’s Time Plan, who is two weeks ahead of me, was in hospital for … Continue reading

24 week bumpdate

24 week bumpdate

Lots of great news to share! Baby is the size of a large cantalope and Mama is poppin’ out! Smoochie has also reached the first stage of viability, and from here on in his chances of surviving outside the womb increase every day. That is a huge comfort :-). I am over the moon that … Continue reading

Asos maternity dress review 

There are a lot of maternity clothes, reviews and options out there for smaller sizes, but your avenues tend to get a little limited once you get into ‘in betweener’ sizes (12-16), and even more so for plus sizes. So, I was really thrilled when I found Asos maternity clothes. They fit plus sizes – … Continue reading