Posted in March 2016

We’ve loved you for so long 

We’ve loved you for so long 

Smoochie is here! He was born via c- section at 7:32 am, March 29. He weighed 8 lbs, 14 oz. It was a 31 hour labour- 18 hours at home, remainder in hospital with an epidural. It was beautiful and nothing like I expected. And hard, but I would not change a single thing! It … Continue reading

39 + 5 weeks, due on Saturday 

I’m pooped. Still pregnant. Today I had my pre due date check in. They wanted me to get an ultrasound but the booking folks messed up again, so I’ll have to wait until Tuesday. I’m in pain, but not crippling – at least I can walk – though my thighs are a mess. But I … Continue reading

A long early labour

Whine, whine, moan, moan. I’m getting tired. It’s dawning on me that after everything, I’m one of those women who’s going to have a long, slow, drawn out labour. I’m not going to sugar coat it, that is the crappiest ‘beginning of labour’ scenario for my personality type. When I’m at the start of a … Continue reading

Sigh – a MIL vent

So I’ll preface all this by saying: I realize my MIL is stalking me out of love and driving me crazy with Victorian obgyn advice out of a desire to help. It means she and my FIL are invested in Smoochie and I understand she is an anxious person, so she’s basically having an extended … Continue reading

39 weeks – dilation! 

Whew! Today was a WILD ride. I have so much to share.  So on Tuesday and Wednesday I had a ton of vaginal and pelvic pressure. It was so strong I couldn’t tell when I was peeing and twice I stood up too soon (FYI for all our future mamas out there: by this time … Continue reading

38 weeks + 4 days

I originally published this post on 38 Weeks + 4 days and then WP ‘hid’ it when I tried to fix the title. So this is a repost 🙂 __________ It’s funny how you start and end your pregnancy with such precise measurements. In the beginning it’s, “I’m 32 dpo or 3 weeks + 4 days.” Then in … Continue reading

38 Weeks

I’m starting this at 4 am, thanks to an ongoing bout of insomnia. Will finish after my Drs appt. So how do you feel? I’m thrilled we’ve made it this far. But I’m starting to get cuckoo 🙃😝. I’ve been sick a lot, bugs and viruses know my immune system is low, so I’ve become … Continue reading

37 weeks – term!

37 weeks – term!

I’m starting this in the am, before my Dr.’s appointment. I feel like Smoochie moved up. Will finish up after 🙂 I took 6, yes, *6 iron pills (spaced out over a couple of hours) yesterday, so I’d at least have enough juice to get to the appt and pick up some raw food after! … Continue reading

I feel so fecking weird

I’m 37 weeks tomorrow and no, I don’t think it’s labour 🙁😬😕. I want  it to be, trust me. And I’m wondering how much the timing of knowing I’m 37 weeks (aka term) is influencing this shitty physical state? I’m highly suggestible like that ☺️👍😉🙄.  But I also have a pessimist streak that runs deep … Continue reading