Posted in May 2016

I need to vent

Everything is going great with Smoochie. We have the usual ‘challenges’ you expect with an almost 9 week old, but it’s all just normal stuff we need to experience and sort out with time.  AKA: nap time is so chaotic.  But it’s getting better at night, so I know it’ll get better during the day … Continue reading

Is it worth it?

So I’m coming up on five years since starting this journey and now the little guy is just over six weeks old, I have a better handle on day to day life with a baby.  It makes sense now to look back a bit and ask myself: was it worth it? Short answer: yes. Long … Continue reading

The trance, boobies and mush brainĀ 

You’d think with endless breastfeeding I’d be posting and reading more.  Or at least that’s what I thought when we first started. But no. I need about 8 sets of hands, what with my ginormous boobs (38 k or m depending on brand or style – gotta do a post about nursing bras one of … Continue reading