Posted in September 2018

5dp5dt – Bfp squinter

Hi all – it’s official: I’m pregnant. I had originally planned to build in a bunch of caveats and acknowledge that I’m “only” pregnant as of “right now”, etc. Because, you know, I wouldn’t dare to get my hopes up! But you know what, I don’t want to do that, it’s not how I feel … Continue reading

I just had too

I just had too

I reinstalled the WP app on my phone and little Smoochie is currently in the living room watching paw patrol (first time) on his potty while I have diarrhea. I figure diarrhea is TV worthy 🤣🤔 I’ve been nauseous all day. After our play date, the hard boiled egg I scarfed down came back up. … Continue reading

4dp5dt- 2018 style

Hi folks. Well colour me shocked, delighted, humbled and grateful that some of you saw my earlier posts this week! I thought I’d be posting into the void and I was just so stoked see some old friends on here. Yeay!! I figured I’d do a quick update. Smoochie is asleep and I have insomnia … Continue reading

Oh why not? Two posts, 1 day

K. Here we go. Little dude is sleeping and tomorrow is embryo transfer. It’s a 5 day old embryo, we’re doing assisted hatching. Unlike times in the past where I had a rolodex of info about lining, hormone levels and other bodily fluids, I really don’t know what’s going on aside from just going with … Continue reading

Oh Hai

Alrighty so a lot has happened since the last time I wrote. Impossible to try and recap. Buuuuut it’s all been good. Really, really effin’ good. I mean, no, I haven’t started farting gum drops and dolla bills (would that I could) but life has calmed the eff down while also speeding the eff up … Continue reading