7dp5dt – doing good

We’re doing good. But, I did have a moment this am. I woke up, used the bathroom, then a couple of minutes later, thought to test.

I hadn’t been planning on doing anymore tests from now to beta but old habits die hard. FRERs have always reliably pinpointed problems long before betas for me with lines that don’t darken, lines that darken and fade etc. For me, FRERs = comfort in a process that provides little control.

This am, the test seemed less vibrant.

After some journaling and meditating and just sitting with the discomfort, I decided to listen to my gut.

My gut says we’re good.

So we’re good.

Plus, day 3 was taken 48 hours ago, so it’s had time to deepen. Day 4 was a generic brand that advertises ‘4 days sooner’ versus FRER which is 6, so any comparison there is futile, and the dye/mechanism isn’t even remotely comparable between the two styles of tests, and lastly, number 5 was taken 10 minutes after I emptied a full bladder with only a smidge of urine.

Trying to compare and see a darkening pattern won’t work in this case. But this is one of those times where head and heart collide. Ultimately I just want to know if this bean is okay and only time and a little intuition will tell. I can’t speed up time so I’m gonna hold on to hope.

In terms of symptoms, they’re still here. I had diarrhea most of the morning and the nausea comes and goes, but overall I feel tired and flu-like. For the last few days I’ve needed to nap when Smoocheroo does, and the heaviness in my uterus remains. I’ve stopped throwing up – maybe my body is adjusting to the hcg – though as noted I still get bouts of nausea.

This’ll sound weird but I think I’ll take diarrhea over constipation! Sure I might need to walk that back in a week or two, but right now, pooping, even the uncontrollable kind, is better than the awful heavy and stuffed up feeling I get with constipation. (Last time I went on two-three week stretches without pooping.)

I’ve stopped taking stool softeners and I’m eating a higher fibre diet with water filled fruits and veggies.

I have split pea soup cooling off in the instant pot and as soon as I transfer all of it to Tupperware, I’ll start on some Pinto’s for refrieds tonight. I also have some probiotic style salsa (like kimchi) and I add that to a meal a day, or sauerkraut. Anything to keep that gut happy!

Later tonight I’ll make the broth for matzoh ball soup.

Alllll the salt cravings!!

And tomorrow I’ll have a steak with greens for the iron factor. I’m trying to juggle the nutritional stuff I’ve learned over the years with living with a toddler and the wisdom of past experience to make the most of it all this time around.

Speaking of second times around… pink blush maternity. I have a couple of items from Smooch but since I was on bed rest throughout a lot of I really only had a few things. I was thinking of ordering some basics from pink blush but I’m a little apprehensive with their sizing and my being in Canada 🇨🇦 (cost, duty, shipping and returns). Online shopping requires a fair bit of confidence in sizing and I can’t figure out if I’m an XL or a 1X in their stuff?*

I’m a size 14 in gap jeans, 12 in old navy. J crew I’m a 16 on the bottom, 18 on top for blazers and fitted stuff, 14 for Ts and sweaters -giant boobs. But most stores I’m a 14. When I shop plus 12/14s, it’s too big and the cut is off.

Any other luscious inbetweeners who can wear straight sizes that have shopped pink blush? Am I better to go up a size on everything or just some items as noted in reviews?

*also wtf pink blush, your plus section is not as well cut, thought out or flattering. It’s 2018 and it’s not rocket science, design for curves. Let’s see some fashion equality for 🦊 sakes.


4 thoughts on “7dp5dt – doing good

  1. Have you tried Thyme Maternity for clothes? I lived in Canada when I was pregnant with my first and love their stuff so much I actually made my husband go pick some up while he was in town during my last pregnancy because shipping was insane… he must really love me! I’m a 12/14 on the bottom and have had good luck in their clothes.

  2. That line progression looks great! No 3 had had time to dry and darken, so I think you’re looking super good.
    Good luck with the mat wear, I ended up in dresses 24/7 after everything stopped fitting.

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