9dp5dt or 13DPO

I’m getting hit hard by morning sickness. Started diclectin with clinics ok. Diarrhea too, but totally manageable.

Progression on HPTs looks great and tomorrow is beta. I think it’ll be a value of 20-40.

I’m a little confused. How can I even have more morning sickness this early, at what would presumably be anywhere from 15-40 (using averages for 14dpo hcg values for me in the past).

It makes no sense because MS gets worse with higher hcg values and my tests are standard positives but the test line is still lighter than control.

Also it’s only 13DPO. It seems impossibly early? In the past my MS came on like a fog rolling in, around 4 weeks, peaked weeks 6-14 and rolled out around 18/19 weeks.

So I can only reason that a) I’m definitely extremely sensitive to hcg and b) any new introduction of hcg is met with an immediate reaction.

Hmm. So interesting how our bodies work. Of course I’m curious to see if gender of the fetus is a factor? But that’ll be some time in knowing.

If all goes ok from week to week I think we’ll skip the harmony test this time around (unless it’s offered at a reduced rate) and find out at the 18 week ultrasound.

Fingers xd the last two days have been a morning sickness blip and I stop throwing up in my ๐Ÿคš



8 thoughts on “9dp5dt or 13DPO

  1. With Charlotte, at 10dp5dt my beta was well over 600 and my frer line still was barely as dark as the control line. Maybe your number will he higher than you suspect.

    • I was wondering if this one was a prolific producer. It would make sense.

      Btw I read your post re Keto, I related to everything you wrote. Especially the not wanting to do all that damn monitoring/controlling/thinking about weight loss.

      The #metoo movement, Blasey ford testimony etc is making we feel angry again (as usual) about how women are always given such shitty constraints when it comes to our โ€˜selvesโ€™ and how that extends to our bodies.

      Maybe Iโ€™m just plump and always will be and at 41 am I โ€˜allowedโ€™ to just live like that? Like, can I finally just BE?

      Totally off topic I know ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Morning sickness started earlier each time for me and got progressively worse with each kid. I was sure that worse morning sickness meant I was having a girl with my second, but not so. Sorry that’s not very comforting LOL! I am glad you are having a good progression on the pee test.

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