14dpo/9dp5dt/4weeks – beta 182

Smoochie had a fever and is sleeping late, so I gotta go rouse him with the good news.

Beta is 182! His beta on this same day was 153. We’re thrilled.

Smooch will hopefully have a sibling in mid June! Whew just wrapping my head around all the hurdles from here to there. The next few weeks being the biggest.

I let him nap long and now I’m regretting it a little. I guess we’ll go out to dinner to celebrate since he ain’t bedding down at 9. When he’s going long on a nap, I find he’s less grumpy if I send the cat in to screech at him, than if I wake him 😁👍🏼

If she talked, she’d be saying: Hey Kid, get your cute little buns outta bed and feed me my dinner and don’t be stingy with the gravy!!!


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