Baby Proof

We live in a teensy, weensy little house built in 1900. We put our savings into IVF, and then some, so we have to do some small, smart fix ups while our little family grows.

Here’s our “wish list”.

I’ll post updates as they occur.

The back porch | aka Three Mile Island

Our back porch is a poisoners dream. Nestled in amongst eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaners and apples are jugs of bleach and bottles of Draino. Since we’re in our late 30’s and neither of us is prone to Sylvia Plath-like moments of despair, it hasn’t been a problem. But with a kidlet on the way, it’s time to clean up our act and get this room organized and safe.



A hodge podge of the usual household shit


The view from the kitchen. No wonder we keep the door shut all the time!


To get to the deck you have to walk through a maze of stuff we use a lot, but have no room for.

The plan:

We need to keep this space functional. But we also need to hide the functionality behind closed doors. I want to do this on the cheap. So I’m thinking of scouring the classifieds for used, waist high cabinets from a kitchen. We’ll have to push them against the wall where the existing open storage is (window wall). It would be awesome if we could put the recycling in a cabinet, too. I could move the motley crew of mops and brooms to the empty wall. If we’re really lucky we could find a used door with glass so that we can replace the old plain one and get all that sunlight into our very dark kitchen.

I could then use the tops of the cabinets to store fruits and veg, my herbs and seedlings in the spring.

Guesstimated cost:
– cabinets $250.00
– door and installation $ 250.00


The living room

This room is pretty “done” but we’ll need to do two things to make this more functional. Add an addition to our pax wardrobe at the front door, with pull out shelving for shoes and wire baskets for storage. We’ll also need to move the tv in here and have the wires hidden.

Guesstimated cost:
– new pax section w/ storage components $250.00
– wiring and wall mount $250.00

Our bedroom

If we’re finally reclaiming our closet, we’re gonna need to make it usable!

Guesstimated cost:
-pole $15
-shelving $50
-pretty light fixture $100

The bathroom

It’s a teensie little room, but it has charm and potential. I’m thinking high gloss white cabinets from ikea, simple tile floors and investing in updating the ventilation (was flagged as an issue). Frankly, updating this room and the porch will go the biggest distance towards making the house more functional and adding in resale value while ensuring mold/mildew don’t become an issue.

Guesstimated cost:
-pocket door and installation $400
-new ventilation $2000?
-tile floor $1000
-cabinetry and installation $3000
-new toilet and plumbing $1000
-lighting $1000



The nursery

It’s currently our tv room (hence moving the tv to the living room). It’s already painted in a great gender neutral tone and it’s the quietest room in the house. It’s got terrible carpeting, which was further destroyed by Guillaume. Other than that, it just needs a baby!

Guesstimated cost:
-new bamboo floor $1000
-new area rug $300

The office/my closet

The house has no storage so this room has a large wardrobe with my clothes, plus a desk and my vanity. By updating the bathroom, I’m hoping I can move the vanity into the nursery (hoping for a girl) which is where it’s matching dresser resides. I had used the vanity for makeup but hopefully that would all be stored in the bathroom. This room could/should remain fluid. It just needs a couple of cosmetic upgrades. Oh and Guillaume has peed all over the carpet, and so has Runkie.

Guesstimated cost:
-new bamboo floor $1000
-new ceiling light $100



The basement suite, oil tank, attic insulation

This doesn’t impact baby, but it’s been on our list for a while and it’s something we feel will maintain the integrity of the house and help with resale value a tiny bit. At the least it may help us get closer to what the house is worth if we find we do need to sell in five years because we’re successful with IVF and have 2-3 kidlets.

Guesstimated cost:
-basement suite shower stall, ventilation $2000
-oil tank, DH getting a quote, means we’d have to wait 10+ years to make the switch to a heat pump…
-attic insulation $1000, best to wait until after bathroom/kitchen done

The kitchen (fantasy!)

The kitchen is the crown jewel. It’s really well done, considering the small space. And it’s gorgeous, except for two complaints: not enough counter space (nothing I can do about that) and lighting. God it is dark. Like pain in the ass dark. Unfortunately, I think updates to the kitchen issue may have to be in five years, when we decide to stay or go? Because my little list here is getting pricey! But I’ll add it in, just for fun.

Guesstimated cost:
-paint cabinets hight gloss white $1000
-subway tile backsplash $500
-replace dishwasher $1200
-lighting $2000 (guessing high because the ceiling will get destroyed in the process?)



The dining room (fantasy!)

This is another fantasy update. If we only wind up with two kids and somehow juggle paying off all our IVF loans in five years, I would take out another 10k to do some renos to the kitchen and this room and whatever else needs to be done around the house. Then I’d consider us done with renos! This room is the most extensive/expensive. It’s where we spend the most time.

Guesstimated cost:
-custom built banquette with storage under the seating $3000
-custom built window seat, with storage under the seating $1000
-two gorgeous, buttery soft leather recliners $2200
-antique cupboard $3000
-cool fake animal pelt $300 (sounds weird but I could totally see it!)





2 thoughts on “Baby Proof

  1. i love this! I have an easy page dedicated to all the home projects I have in mind – so far the husband is restricting me to 1-2 per year 🙂

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